Another first for Saab: The only Saab in Korea (1969)

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HISTORICAL SAAB: VIPS, 1969, No 5, Page 27.

First V4 Saab in Korea

A very interesting piece of information was received at SAAB from trade attaché Mr K.B Eriksson based at the Swedish embassy in Seoul. The photo shows the only SAAB car inside Korea which had been purchased for use by staff working at the foreign office. The photo is taken inside the demarcation area (DMZ) at the 38th parallel (line of latitude) between North and South Korea at the Swedish and Swiss camp in Janmunjom. Both Sweden and Switzerland are mediating at the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission together with representatives from Czechoslovakia and Poland. The tower in the background is positioned inside the joint security area where meetings take place between North Korea and the Military Armistice Commission.